Eurodisc Game Disc - Official disc for the German Indoor Championships 2017/2018 in Ultimate Frisbee

The Eurodisc Ultimate Frisbee is the no 1 in Europe. Many German and European clubs already play successfully with this top disc
and are convinced of their positive features such as the excellent flight characteristics, a good "grip" and the robust photo direct print
which can even be customized individually to the respective player or team*.

The German Frisbeesport Association (DFV e. V.) has now decided to use the Eurodisc Game Disc as the official
playing disc for the German Indoor Championships 2017/2018.

We are pleased about the positive cooperation with the DFV e. V. and wish all players a successful indoor season!

*Find more information about custom printed Eurodiscs here.

European Ultimate Championship Finals

From 29.09.-01.10.2017 the European Ultimate Championship Finals will be hold in Caorle Italy.
The 48 strongest European Ultimate Teams will meet to fight for the titles in several Divisions, to become Eurpean Champion 2017.
The fields are in Caorle, 7km distance from the shore and the center of the city.
Altogether there are 13 fields available for this competition.

As official Sponsor we have printed discs for this event with individual designs.
These will be handed out to the Teams as gifts and winners prices after the finals.
Therefore all teams will get the chance to test Eurodisc 175g 4.0 Organic Ultimate Disc and get used to it to play it more often in the future.

We are proud to be represented with the Eurodisc 175g 4.0 Organic Ultimate Disc and wish all participants a successful tournament.
Get more information to this event on the official website EUCF.

Approved for Championship-Level competitions

Official USA Ultimate certified 175gr. Ultimate discs
– Eurodisc 175g 4.0

EURODISC is proud to announce that the Eurodisc 175g 4.0 is now Championship level approved by USA Ultimate, thus making it the first European 175g ultimate disc and worldwide the first organic disc, to be considered a USA Ultimate Approved Championship Disc.

USA Ultimate employs a Disc Technical Standard that specifies the official size and weight of USA Ultimate Approved discs. Once a disc meets these requirements, USA Ultimate begins a multi-level player review of the flight characteristics of a candidate disc. This approach ensures that candidate discs not only meet the size and weight requirements, but also have acceptable flight characteristics, comfortable grip for players of all sizes and reasonable catchability. The Flight Test Pool is composed of a geographically diverse mix of players, both male and female, who are skilled throwers. These players evaluate a candidate disc using an online survey composed of questions approved by the Disc Standards Working Group. The results from these surveys are used to determine the acceptability of a disc for various levels of play. Disc testing criteria:

  • excellent flight characteristics
  • good grip
  • comfortable accessibility
  • hardness of the disc
  • resilience
  • technical characteristics (size and weight)

Follow the link to the official hompage of USA Ultimate.

Personalized team or tournament disc

The perfect disc for your team or a
upcoming tournament

A disc only with your team or tournament logo alone is not sufficient you? No problem, we print each disc also personalised. This means that each individual disc will be printed with individual details, such as:

  • Player name
  • Player number
  • Country flag
  • Team name, etc.

This ensures that each player gets his own personal disc. This gimmick is especially great for tournaments, but it is also ideally as a team disc. The best part is, despite various personalized discs you pays the price for only a single motif, the personalization is done so for free.

Get inspired by our gallery and get your own personalized discs and so ensures attention for your team or tournament.

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