For real champions!

Brand new at Eurodisc: Ultimate discs in the colors gold, silver and bronze. Perfect as a "trophy" for tournaments and championships or just as a classic game disc. The discs are printable for any individual use with your own motif. You can choose between the
established photo direct print and the glossy hot stamp print.

These discs are a guaranteed eye-catcher on every playing field!

By the way, our gold, silver and bronze discs premiered at this year's Beach Ultimate Cup in Paganello (Italy).
Here, the metallic-looking discs were used as prizes.

More information on customized Eurodiscs can be found here.

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Ultimate Frisbee - project for kids and teenagers in Poland

The European Ultimate Federation (EUF) provides the Eurodisc 175g Organic Ultimate discs with customized design for the Polish program Mlodziezowa Akademia Ultimate (MAU). This is a nationwide project under the patronage of the Association of Polish Ultimate Players (PSGU) with the purpose of supporting children and adolescents in Poland.

The project started in winter 2017/2018 with PE lessons for pupils and teachers and is currently funded in three Polish cities. More cities are to follow.

Since then, PE teachers have been specifically trained in courses, with the idea of forming school teams throughout Poland that are able to train regularly and compete with school teams from other cities. In future, more and more Ultimate events are to be initiated.

In addition to the development of athletic and coordinative skills, it is the aim to teach children and young people the Spirit of the Game, which is an integral part of the team sport Ultimate Frisbee and focuses on values such as honesty, empathy, conflict resolution, assertiveness, as well as the equality of girls and boys. Physical, social and emotional skills are taught and constantly improved. These are skills that are useful not only in sports but also in other situations of life.

In this respect, Ultimate Frisbee is unique and considered the fairest team sport in the world.

The Polish Ultimate Youth program is a role model and pioneer project for many other European countries with junior departments in Ultimate Sport, which should and will be further supported and developed in the future.

International Spirit of the Game Day 2018

With more participants, events and prizes than ever before, preparations are well underway for the 5th annual International Spirit of the Game Day (iSOTG Day) on Monday, December 3, 2018. The iSOTG Day is organized by the World Flying Disc Federation in collaboration with the non-profit organization Early Detection is Critical (ERIC).

The ultimate communities around the world are encouraged to celebrate, reflect, accept, and share the spirit of the game as part of the ultimate sport. Through a variety of events, training and activities, players can demonstrate their spirit. The focus of the event is the effort to promote the five core aspects of the spirit of the game:

good knowledge of the rules, fair-mindedness, safe play, clear and calm communication, and a positive and respectful attitude

This year, the day's theme is YOUTH – how to ensure that the growing ranks of young athletes are informed and excited about Spirit of the Game in the sport of Ultimate.

All groups and individuals can participate in iSOTG Day and get the chance to win prizes from dozens of partners and vendors.

Eurodisc will support the Spirit of the Game Day for the first time in 2018. We are happy to support the event with prizes for the winners and we will give away Eurodisc Ultimate discs with custom print.

Further information and conditions for the contest can be found at:

Extended cooperation between DFV and Eurodisc

Good news! The German Frisbeesport Association and Eurodisc / New Games - Frisbeesport strengthen their cooperation. The existing cooperation agreement has been broadened and the Eurodisc 175g 4.0 Organic has been approved by the DFV as the official competition disc for all league tournaments (indoor, outdoor and on sand).

In cooperation with the DFV, we are currently developing the official design for the Eurodisc competition disc, which is made from 100% renewable resources and packed in paper bags.

As part of this extended cooperation, our company Eurodisc / New Games - Frisbeesport is now the exclusive
. Die Eurodisc 175g 4.0 Organic ist die erste Wahl
and official competition disc of the DFV".

In addition, all affiliated club members of the DFV benefit from this cooperation. Registered members get a 15% discount on all orders placed in our online shop (except special offers). Registration details can be found on the website of the DFV.