Beaches, parks, the open countryside – these are the places that are closely connected to our sport. Environmental protection therefore has a high priority at Eurodisc. A special highlight of our Eurodisc range is our patented flying sport discs made from organic plastic. Driven by the idea that disc golf discs which were lost in nature, some day degrade by themselves, we began to deal with the issue of BIO-plastic. A few years stamina were needed to test the different approaches and to find the right materials.

The result is outstanding: Our standard discs 175g, 110g and mini exist without color to 100% of renewable resources. A layman can not feel the difference.

The material for our disc golf discs consists of about 70% renewable resources and is 100% biodegradable. This material is very flexible, so it passed the test of the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA).

Eurodisc is the first address when it comes to
organic professional flying sport discs!

Fair Play also with the environment:Ultimate Frisbee is known as the fairest team sport in the world and that too right. Friendship, respect and recognition are in the foreground.

Eurodisc wants to represent these values not only on the pitch but also in dealing with the environment, true to the motto “Fair Play”. Plastic waste in the oceans is a global problem, annually reach several million tons of plastic waste in our oceans. Numerous sea creatures die painfully at this plastic waste and last but not least Mirkropartikel and plastic toxins can get over the fish in the human food chain.

We have set ourselves the goal to contribute our part to protect of our environment. Therefore we have long considering how we can replace the plastic bag which protects the surface from scratch, with an eco-friendly Variant. Now we have found a solution: now all of our 175g discs be any more put in a plastic poly Pole bag but in a biodegradable and compostable paper bag. Together with our Bio-Eurodisc are we on a good path for the sake of our environment.

100% emission balance for our packaging.Our packaging is made CO2 neutral. The certificate by Gold Standard:Efficient stoves in Ghana,hereby assures the CO² emission balance.