Special offer for teams

Specially for Ultimate-Teams!
We produce the Eurodisc 175g 4.0 gamedisc, made of 100% bio-plastic.
This disc is officially recognized and accepted by competitors as equivalent to other well-known game discs.
For your individual logo print on the Eurodisc, we have know a special offer for teams:
With your individual design and our advertising on the disc
you´ll get
the Eurodisc at an unbeatable price. More informationen you´ll get through the contact form
The Eurodisc advertising will be printed in the form of a ring around the main subject. The colors of the advertising ring
will be adjusted to your design.

Here are some examples↓

For multi-colored designs, the discs will be printed with foto direct print.
Single-colored designs can be printed with foto direct print Foto direct print or (Heißprägeverfahren).
You´re interested in this offer? Please contact us, we are looking forward to hearing from you.