New motif for kids

100% from renewable raw materials, made in Germany and pleasant grip for safe catching.

These are the proven top facts about the Eurodisc 100g 100% organic disc. In addition, there are the fantastic flight characteristics that allow you and your kids to throw the disc up to 70 meters.

The Eurodisc 100g 100% Kids Organic now comes with the brand new supercuddly panda print. Kids will love it!

Available in five different disc colors. Discover now on

Competition of the Hessian Frisbee Sports Association 2021

Have you heard of the current FSLVH competition?

The Frisbeesport-Landesverband Hessen (FSLVH) has set itself the task of supporting the German Frisbeesport Association (DFV) in achieving a main goal-membership in the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB). As a basic requirement for admission, at least 10,000 DFV members must be proven. Both active and passive members are counted.

Membership in the German Olympic Sports Confederation not only sounds great, it also brings many advantages and funding opportunities for players, coaches, clubs and associations. In addition, Frisbee would be recognized as an official sport in Germany. Definitely a goal for which every commitment is worthwhile.

About the competition

The Hessian club with the highest registered membership increase in the DFV-MV in 2021 wins the main prize. But all other participants also have the chance of winning. A price is guaranteed from an increase of 10 members!

We are happy to support the FSLVH campaign with several Frisbeeshop shopping vouchers for the winners
We are already keeping our fingers crossed for all the participants!

For more information about the contest, entry requirements and awarded prizes, visit the FSLVH website.

Eurodisc Discgolf Selection Starter Set in a new color combination

We are happy to introduce our latest addition to the Eurodisc Discgolf range.

The Discgolf Selection Starter Set is now available in new color combinations: gray, blue and orange.
Another new feature is the special marble effect in rich colors, which gives each disc a unique look.

In order to be prepared for any distance, our Discgolf Selection Starter Set consists of three discs - putter, midrange and driver. Due to their relatively straight trajectories, the discs are ideal for beginners. But even ambitious recreational players and professionals can enjoy extended rounds of discgolf with it. The premium Selection material not only looks good but make our discs durable, grippy and a perfect match in the hand.

Find the most important data below:

Putter Selection Delivery
up to approx. 60 meters
Rating: Speed 2, Glide 3, Turn 0, Fade 0
Midrange Selection Transition
approx. 60-90 meters
Rating: Speed 5, Glide 5, Turn 0, Fade 1
Driver Selection Transporter
approx. 90-120 meters
Rating: Speed 7, Glide 6, Turn -2, Fade 1

Made in Germany. PDGA approved.

Cooperation with Frizbi svet in Slovenia

We are happy to introduce our new partner in Slovenia.

Frizbi svet - an initiative by Matic Kuselj - started in 2020 with the platform to make Frisbee sport more popular in Slovenia. Matic shows extraordinary commitment in Slovenia to give people an understanding of the world of Frisbee sport. With various projects, such as the School Ultimate League or team building events, he wants to strengthen cooperation with local companies, teams and schools and, above all, inspire young people for the fairest team sport in the world.

We are happy being part of this great project. As the exclusive Eurodisc partner for Slovenia , Frizbi svet sells Eurodiscs with cool designs for Ultimate, Discgolf, Kids and Discdogging. Custom prints e.g. for schools and clubs are also possible.

Learn more about the world of Frisbee sports in Slovenia or order your favorite Frisbee on .

We wish Matic and his team every success with their project and we are looking forward to a good cooperation.