Creative dog sport for competition and leisure

Disc dog is simply explained as playing frisbee with the dog. The handler lets the disc fly, the four-legged friend catches it from the air and brings it back. Endurance, reactions and speed are trained in a playful way. A positive side effect: the shared fun strengthens the bond between you and your four-legged friend.

Who is disc dog suitable for?

In principle, disc dog is suitable for all dogs that are fit and enjoy exercise. However, there are some exceptions:

  • Puppies and young dogs: Because the jumping and the abrupt movements could damage their joints. Your four-legged friend should be fully grown.
  • Dogs with osteoarthritis or hip dysplasia
  • Heavy dogs such as St. Bernards are not suitable for dog frisbee because
    of their build.
  • Pugs and Co .: Dogs that have an extremely short muzzle are more likely to suffer from breathing problems. If this is the case, they will probably not enjoy playing dog frisbee.

Where you can train with your four-legged friend

A meadow with soft and even ground without holes is suitable as a training ground. Add a suitable Frisbee and off you go. Many dog sports clubs or dog schools offer courses in this popular sport, where you can practice together with like-minded people.
can practice.

Special dog discs made of unbreakable materials are suitable for throwing, and the disc should also be flexible
and have no sharp edges.

Show your skills

Do you and your four-legged friend love playing with the Frisbee disc and are looking for new challenges? Then competitions might be interesting for you. There are three different disciplines:

Freestyle Within two minutes, you have to present an impressive choreography to a piece of music. The number of discs allowed shows that the teamwork requires some skill on the part of man and dog: the team may use up to seven discs.

Mini Distance On a limited playing field, it is a matter of throwing and retrieving for 60 seconds! For each Frisbee caught in the air, the handler-dog duo receives points according to the throwing distance.

Long Distance In this discipline, only the distance caught counts: the handler may throw the Frisbee three times. The longest throw that the dog could successfully catch from the air is scored.