Hot stamp printing

Overview of key features:

– favorable from 200 pieces
– sparkling metallic colors
– one or two color print
– no CI-colors possible
– Motif size Ultimate: 175 mm

Please note the following specifications,

when creating your subject for hot stamp printing:


Line Thickness

Very fine details in print motifs are generally not recommended for hot stamp printing, because this slightly blurs and therefore thin lines will not print well. Please note that the line thickness is at least 1mm (2 pt).


Pointed lines & shapes

Avoid the appearance of very fine and sharp lines. The hot stamp foil may start to peel from that point or may become rounded or torn. To prevent this, you can slightly round off all fine points at the ends of lines and in other small shapes.


Fonts & text

We recommend sans serif fonts (that’s flat or rounded edges, as opposed to serif fonts, which tend to have pointed edges). If a text style is especially funky, with special letter shapes, it may need to be a little larger. The larger the font, the better.


Large solid areas

Avoid large solid areas. Hot stamping is sort of like placing a sticker on the disc’s surface (but much more permanent!). With large solid areas, air bubbles easily get under the foil, which then cannot be placed on uniformly.

If your design depends on large solid areas, you can break them up using fill patterns such as lines, dots, waves, etc. Please make sure that the dots or lines are not too small. Individual areas have to be clearly separated and operate independently, to avoid displacements and inaccuracies in printing. Please note that colored areas have to be created in the color black. For color reference, please also send us a separate file.

Additional note for 2-color hot stamping

Please put each color area in a single file.


Sizes & Placement

In hot stamp printing, the motifs are printed with a diameter of 17.5 cm in the center of the disc.


Color matching

Hot stamp print requires the use of special stamping foils, which are only available in a limited number of colors. Therefore, no CI-colors (like Pantone or PMS color codes) are available.