For us, friendship, mutual respect and fair play are not just principles on the field but a crucial approach to life.
We try hard to live up to those values. In our sports, in everyday-life and in the manufacturing process of our products.
and raw material to distribution .

The longevity of our products goes hand in hand with sustainability and quality.
In cooperation with our partners we shifted the production of our Ultimate (175g), Kids (100g) and Mini (25g) discs
from the use of standard to organic plastic. Our discs consist of 100% renewable resources that can be disposed and recycled in the yellow bag.

Did you know that bio plastic is as sturdy, durable
and recyclable as conventional plastic?

Made in Germany
Our discs are produced in Germany, thus we can guarantee short hauls,
consistent high quality and fair working conditions.

Eurodisc Sportflugscheiben 100% Organic

What else we do in terms of sustainability:

Paper Bags

By using biodegradable
paper bags we save several thousand plastic bags a year.

We use closing tapes for packaging that are made of paper and can easily be recycled with your shipping boxes and other paper products
in the paper bank

For delivery notes, invoices and other documents,
we solely use recycled paper.

We operate a large photovoltaic installation on our company’s roofs. It produces significantly more electricity every year than we use, thus making a contribution to our energy revolution.

We still haven’t accomplished all our objectives. In order to achieve our sustainability goals we are working on further
eco-friendly solutions. You can always find the latest news in our Blog.