Ultimate Frisbee – the fairest team sport in the world

Ultimate Frisbee is a physical contactless sport in which all players follow the principles of the Spirit of the Game.
Despite extremely high athletic performance, no referees are needed even in federal leagues and at world championships.
Therefore, Ultimate Frisbee is considered the fairest team sport in the world.

The Spirit of the Game is the most important motto. Showing friendship and respect to the opponent, not a "victory at any cost",
but acknowledgement of and respect for the rules are the focus of this ultimate sport.

Spirit of the Game

In addition to fair play, condition, speed and throwing technique are required. Tactical thinking and making the right decisions at the right moment make Ultimate Frisbee a challenging competitive sport.

What it’s all about

In Ultimate Frisbee, two teams of seven players face each other. In Germany, the game is usually played on a field 100 meters long and 37 meters wide. At the long ends of the field are two 15-20 meter deep end zones. The goal of the game is to catch the disc by passing it in the opponent's end zone and thus score a point. After each point, the sides are switched to create fair playing conditions for both teams.

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