Welcome to Eurodisc professional frisbeesport equipment, Made in Germany.

On this website you will find our high quality portfolio of sportdiscs which are accepted in different frisbeesport disciplines.

Our range of discs includes:

-      175g Ultimate competition disc

-      175g Ultimate competition ORGANIC disc

-      135g Junior Ultimate disc (made in Italy)
-      110g Kids sport and softdisc
-      110g Dogdisc
-      135g puncture resistant dogdisc
-      Discgolf starter set with putter, midrange & driver disc
-      25g Mini sportdisc

Very exclusive is the production line of professional organic sportdiscs. These discs have a very high proportion of renewable raw materials and latest plastic developments brought out a material which has exactly the same flexibility as the regular 175g plastic competition disc! The new organic Ultimate sportdisc is made of almost 100% renewable resources!

Others like the discgolf discs are 100% biodegradable with a proportion of 70% renewable resources.

All discs are ready for custom print with your design. Doesn´t matter if you want hotstamp printing or full color fotoprint. Please ask for pricelists, conditions and testpackages.

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