SUPERGlow 100% Organic

Ultimate throwing fun by day & night

color pigments
illuminating power

Throwing fun by day and night

The eurodisc® 175g 100% Organic SUPERGlow contains phosphorescent color pigments that charge when exposed to light and glow in the dark.

Compared to other phosphorescent discs, the eurodisc® can convince with a long and strong luminosity. And best of all, unlike LED light discs, it doesn't need batteries at all! The disc can be easily "charged" under a light source (artificial light or sun - it doesn't matter).

Available in three different colors of motif.

Our Superglow disc

Like our standard Ultimate Frisbee, our Superglow Frisbee disc is certified by the World Frisbee Federation for all competitions. However, with the difference that our Superglow turns night into day!

flight characteristics
  • Flight distance up to 100 meters
  • Stabilizing grooves for perfect gliding
  • Complies with the specifications of the World Flying Disc Federation

  • High proportion of fluorescent material for extra long play fun
  • Made of 100% renewable raw materials
  • Made in Germany
  • Recommended by the German Frisbee Sports Association
  • Produced with 100% green electricity
  • Recyclebar
  • Especially pleasant edge

Sustainable discs

Our professional discs made of BIO plastic conserve oil reserves, are made to a large extent from renewable energies, meet the demand for sustainability and ensure a positive environmental balance.

Our BIO plastics used consist of 100% renewable raw materials.. The sport flying discs made of BIO plastic are flexible, have a good grip and optimal flight characteristics.

eurodisc® BIO ultimate discs are officially recognized and suitable for competition. Like all other discs, they can be printed individually.

SUPERGlow 100% Organic

SUPERGlow 100% Organic

Choose between three different motif colors or have your disc printed with your own design.

Custom prints

Custom prints

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