A sport for all generations!

Exercise in the great outdoors, fun from the very first moment and the shared experience with family and friends make disc golf a real favorite sport.

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Disc Golf

A discipline for big and small, old and young

The challenge is to complete a course of mostly 18 holes with as few throws as possible. From a designated drop zone you throw the disc in the direction of a basket. From where the disc has landed, it is played on.

The hole is finished when you have sunk the disc into the basket. Depending on the course and difficulty, the length of a hole is between 40 and 250 meters.

Our Disc Golf Discs

For a good entry into the sport, here are the specifics of our entry-level models in the three main categories. All disc golf discs from eurodisc® are PDGA approved and cleared for all tournaments.

flight characteristics
Speed 2
Glide 3
Turn 0
Fade 0
  • Category: Putter

Intended use
  • Made for throwing into the basket
  • Easy and very precise throw
  • Not suitable for long distances
  • Mostly with high edge + flat top
  • Preferred for the decisive throw
flight characteristics
Speed 5
Glide 5
Turn 0
Fade 1
  • Category: Midrange

Intended use
  • The all-rounder among the discs
  • Not the range of the driver
  • A lot of control at medium distance
  • Thicker edge for more grip feeling
  • Preferred to play around obstacles
flight characteristics
Speed 7
Glide 6
Turn -2
Fade -1
  • Category: Fairway Driver

Intended use
  • First choice for maximum range
  • For professionals: >100 m distance throws possible
  • Suitable for the first throw from the tea pad
  • Flat profile for maximum speed
  • High speed / low control

Our Disc Golf Materials

SQU - Standard

  • Inexpensive entry-level material
  • Light discs
  • Great for kids and beginners
  • Very good grip

Selection - Premium

  • High quality material
  • Higher weight for more range
  • Extra scratch resistant
  • Very good grip

the right disc for every throw

the right disc for every throw

No other Frisbee discipline offers more variation and variety than Disc Golf. For each throw there is a suitable disc. This is not only about the distance but also about the trajectory. Professional players enter a competition with up to 20 different discs.

flight characteristics

The flight characteristics of disc golf discs are divided into four categories. Each category describes a specific
flight behavior and is divided into different numerical values, which indicate the expression of the property.

As a rough guide, the lower the sum of turn and fade, the more suitable the disc is for beginners, as the trajectory is relatively straight and stable.

  • Speed

    1 - 14

    Speed is the ability of the disc to cover distance. Discs with a high speed number maintain speed longer than those with a low speed value and fly correspondingly further depending on the throwing power. However, the target, i.e. the basket, can also be "thrown over" more easily.

  • Glide

    1 - 7

    Glide describes the ability of the disc to glide in the wind. For beginners, discs with high glide values are easier to throw. In addition, they are particularly suitable for tailwinds. Beginners who want to throw long distances should choose a driver with a high glide rating.

  • Turn

    +1 - -5

    High Speed Turn is the tendency of the disc to drift to the right at the beginning of the flight phase (for backhand throws with the right hand). A disc with the value +1 will show this property only slightly, whereas a disc with -5 will pull strongly to the right.

  • Fade

    0 - 5

    Low Speed Fade is the tendency of the disc to fade to the left at the end of the flight phase (for backhand throws with the right hand). 0 is the lowest value and means that the trajectory ends straight. Such discs are often referred to as super stable or unstable. A high value provides a strong hook to the left. These discs are called stable and over stable. Such discs are very reliable even in strong winds. Their trajectory is the easiest to predict.

Disc Golf 4 Beginners

Lighter discs with a medium speed and a drift to the right are basically suitable for starting disc golf.

In addition, it is particularly easy to get these discs on a straight trajectory, which gives the beginner special distance and thus a faster sense of achievement.

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Where can I find the nearest disc golf course?

The number of disc golf courses in Germany is growing from year to year. On the PDGA website you can even find all courses worldwide.

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Custom prints

Custom prints

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Disc golf baskets

Disc golf baskets, also called targets, come in different price categories with different features. The better baskets usually have two rows of catch chains to facilitate the final putt. eurodisc® offers different models to fit your application.

Mobile or for permanent outdoor use?
With us you will find your disc golf basket!

Disc golf bags

Disc golf bags allow convenient transportation of disc golf equipment while playing on the course. The bags are available in different sizes and designs depending on the requirements of the disc golfer.

eurodisc® has different bags for every requirement in the assortment.