Ultimate Frisbee 100% Organic

For even more fun, our discs are made entirely from renewable raw materials

the rules
the game
Be honest
and fair
physical contact

Spirit of the game

Not for no reason the fairest team sport in the world.

Ultimate Frisbee is a non-body contact sport where all players follow the Spirit of the Game principles.

Even at world championships and in national leagues, referees are not needed.

Every year on the first Saturday in December, the international Spririt Of The Game Day takes place. Events are organized that focus on the spirit in Ultimate.

Showing friendship and respect to the opponent, no "victory at any price", but the recognition of the better and respect for the rules are in the focus of this ultimate sport.

In addition to the idea of fair play, stamina, sprinting strength and throwing technique are required. Tactical thinking and making the right decisions at the right moment make Ultimate Frisbee a challenging competitive sport.

Our Ultimate Frisbee

consists of 100% renewable raw materials and is therefore the only sustainable Frisbee disc that is approved by the World Flying Disc Federation for all competitions.

flight characteristics
  • Flight distance up to 100 meters
  • Stabilizing grooves for perfect gliding
  • Conforms to the specifications of the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF)
  • Recommended by the German Frisbee Sports Association (DFV)
  • Game disc of the European Ultimate Federation (EUF)
  • Made of 100% renewable raw materials
  • Made in Germany
  • Produced with 100% green electricity
  • Recyclebar
  • Especially pleasant edge

Ultimate Bio-Discs

Ultimate Bio-Discs

Choose between various designs or have your disc printed with your own design.

Sustainable discs

Our professional frisbee discs made of BIO plastic conserve oil reserves, are made to a large extent from renewable energies, meet the requirement of sustainability and ensure a positive environmental balance.

Our BIO plastics used consist of 100% renewable raw materials.. The sport flying discs made of BIO plastic are flexible, have a good grip and optimal flight characteristics.

eurodisc® BIO ultimate discs are officially recognized and suitable for competition. Like all our frisbee discs, they are custom printable.

The game

  • Two teams
  • Seven players each
  • Playing field: 100 m length / 37 m width
  • 15-20 meters deep end zones

The goal of the game is to catch the disc by passing it in the opponent's end zone and score a point. After each point the sides are changed to create fair playing conditions.

Custom prints

Custom prints

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