Disc Golf Baskets

High quality disc golf baskets for any use

and robust
assembly and disassembly

Disc golf baskets

A must-have for every ambitious disc golf player

The finish of each hole is the disc golf basket at the end. The principle is quite simple. The two main elements on the basket are the basket and the chain ring. During the final throw, the disc bounces against the chains and is intercepted and directed into the basket. The targets come in different designs and sizes.


Made for mobile use - foldable and particularly easy to transport

You are looking for a practical disc golf basket that is easy to handle? Then the Chainwalker is just perfect for you. Once assembled, the basket can be easily folded and stored in a convenient carrying bag. The assembly is quick and uncomplicated. In just 3 steps and a few minutes you have the basket up or down anywhere.

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  • Weight: 10kg
  • Number of chains: 16 pieces in 2 rows
  • Total height: 140cm
  • Depth: 21,5cm
  • Outside diameter: 65cm
  • Diameter chain wreath: 61cm
  • Target zone:: 45cm
  • Carrying bag: 128cm

Double Layer Chain

Our flagship with extra much chains

The DLC target is a robust and stable all-metal basket. With 24 chains, our basket has especially many chains which ensures a top hitting experience. With only six individual parts and just four assembly steps, the basket can be assembled and disassembled in no time at all.


  • Weight: 14,3kg
  • Number of chains: 24 pieces
  • Total height: 133cm
  • Depth: 16cm
  • Outside diameter: 65cm
  • Diameter chain wreath: 54cm
  • Target zone: 46cm
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Light target

Super lightweight - perfect for mobile use

At just 9kg, the Light Target is a true lightweight for a sturdy metal basket. Only the chains are heavy. This ensures an optimal interception of the approaching disc golf disc.


  • Weight: 8,8kg
  • Number of chains: 12 pieces
  • Total height: 128cm
  • Depth: 17cm
  • Outside diameter: 65cm
  • Outside diameter: 55cm
  • Target zone: 47cm
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