Gender equality in sport

9. November 2022

The path to gender-responsive competitive sports,

Yawn? No – really substantial! The greatest growth potential lies in women’s sports. Soccer has long recognized this and is investing millions in this future market.

But the sport of Frisbee goes one step further. Where else are there exclusively Mixed Championships, like at the World Games in the USA? Women and men form one team.

The Erasmus instructions for the teams are available online. Anyone who reads it will have their eyes opened! Competitive sports are still a male-only domain, the top players and earners-an all-male show. But women are catching up! It’s about redirecting women who have been doing sports for a long time – into competitive sports and offering them new opportunities there. Questions of principle are addressed in the program. What are the expectations for athletic performance? How can group discussions proceed? The pyramid of violence will be presented and also how European neighboring countries are proceeding on their way to more gender justice, with practical case studies.

An absolutely exciting instructional thread that can be read in a targeted manner by cleverly dividing the sections.

If women’s sports are the market of the future – what can Ultimate and Disc Golf clubs do to get in on this? For sure, this includes female trainers, female networks, a new image of women. In other words, a fundamental change in mindset that cuts across all hierarchies. We at eurodisc® can only highly recommend this guide.

Very committed to gender equity and inclusion is the EUF ( Ultimate Federation Europe)

There is already a gender-balanced distribution of top positions on the Board of Management. For the EUF, inclusive programs are a priority.

The Gender Equity Guide was adopted and funded by the Erasmus+ Initiative in 2020 and is officially scheduled to be completed now, in October 2022. Nevertheless, it should continue to live and grow after this date. The EUF aims to create a legacy and platform for all issues related to DEI.

All info at: Gender Equity Manual – European Ultimate Federation

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