The new Kidzz Soft Disc Throwzilla

7. November 2022

Our absolute favorite disc! We have updated the soft and highly flexible 100 g softdisc with a brand new design. The cool Throwzilla motif they come in many bright colors. Produced in Germany with green electricity. With its narrow edge, small diameter of only 23 cm and light weight, it fits well in smaller children’s hands. In motif printing finished with different hot printing foils. This frisbee is simply fun! It is playfully easy to throw. Highly resilient and durable due to good recovery after bending and stressing to the old shape. The pop colors are always easy to see when playing and glow even in tall grass or tree shade, so the disc is almost impossible to lose. Simply the ideal disc for kids from five years. But not only beginners like the disc, skilled frisbee players can throw this disc a distance up to 70 meters. This puts it in the absolute top tier. Throwzilla is the perfect frisbee for trips, outdoor sports and a great gift that will be enjoyed for a long time. No wonder it is so popular. Our customers give it 5 out of 5 stars.