Competition of the Hessian Frisbee Sports Association 2021

22. July 2021

The Frisbeesport-Landesverband Hessen (FSLVH) has set itself the task of supporting the German Frisbeesport Association (DFV) in achieving a main goal-membership in the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB). As a basic requirement for admission, at least 10,000 DFV members must be proven. Both active and passive members are counted.

Membership in the German Olympic Sports Confederation not only sounds great, it also brings many advantages and funding opportunities for players, coaches, clubs and associations. In addition, Frisbee would be recognized as an official sport in Germany. Definitely a goal for which every commitment is worthwhile.

About the competition

The Hessian club with the highest registered membership increase in the DFV-MV in 2021 wins the main prize. But all other participants also have the chance of winning. A price is guaranteed from an increase of 10 members!

We are pleased the action of the FSLVH with several Frisbeeshop purchase coupons
for the winners to support to be allowed and press all participating already now the fingers.

For more information about the contest, entry requirements and awarded prizes, visit the FSLVH website.